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Rainbow meditation


We close our eyes and sit relaxed the best we can, whether on a pillow or in a chair. We place our right leg on top or in front of the left leg. Our hands rest in our lap, the right on top of the left, palms up and thumbs lightly touching. We keep our back straight without tightness, and our chin pulled in a little.

First we calm our mind and we feel the formless stream of air coming and going at the tip of our noses - letting our thoughts and sounds go by without holding on to them. Then we focus on the four basic thoughts that motivate us towards enlightenment and give direction to our lives.

1. - First we recognise our precious opportunity in this life to be on this beautiful Planet to work in a constructive way with our mind. The opportunity to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. Enlightenment means the highest timeless happiness.

2. - Second we understand the impermanence of all things. Only the radiant unlimited space of mind is lasting and nobody knows how long the conditions will stay for recognising it. Therefore we must use our lives now.

3. - Thirdly, we think about cause and effect, understanding that we ourselves decide what happens. Former actions, words and thoughts became our present world and we are constantly sowing the seeds of our future.

4. - Finally, we recognise that our ability to benefit others is to limited until our mind is free, until we ourselves are liberated. We can do very little for the rest while confused and suffering ourselves.

Now we will meditate in order to experience mind and gain a distance from our disturbing emotions. Only then we can really be useful to others and benefit countless sentient beings. With this motivation we start to meditate.

In front of us now appears a radiant and transparent clear light. While we breathe in, the light moves in a stream down through the center of our forehead. When the light touches us it divides itself into seven colours, such as when a ray of light touches a prism, and the spectrum appears.

The first light is red and streams down through the center of our body until it reaches the lower center in our coxis. The red light starts to dissolve laziness, hope and faith, developing confidence in ourselves and in the methods that lead us towards enlightenment. While the red light is shinning we get in contact with Earth element by chanting the syllable: “E” 111 times.

Now an orange ray of light streams down until it reaches our sexual part. It stays in this center and shines intensely dissolving lust and chastity, developing temperance, the art of love. While the orange light shines we get in contact with Water element by chanting the syllable: “A” 111 times.

It is followed by a yellow light, which moves like a luminous ray towards the center of our body, four fingers below the navel. It shines intensely, dissolving gluttony as well as the other extreme, anorexia and not eating this or that, developing prudence in our feeding habits. One gets free of aversion. While the yellow light shines we get in contact with Fire element by chanting the syllable: “I” 111 times.

Then a green light descends and locates in the center of our chest It emanates a green emerald ray of light that is so marvellous that it dissolves hate, obsession, anger and all hatred feelings. It also dissolves love, infatuation and passion. Giving us the possibility to perceive the transcendental love, where our acts will be spontaneous, with no effort, without object, subject or interaction. Just the free and spontaneous game of mind which is really free of all attachments. While the green light shines we get in contact with Air element by chanting the syllable: “U” 111 times.

In the same way, a clear and shining sky-blue light goes directly to our throat, purifying our speech and dissolving pride, jealousy, envy, slander, humbleness, courage and common generosity. Developing in us the real generosity, which goes beyond duality, transcending all characteristic schemes and one is liberated of all the actions of speech. While the sky-blue light shines in our throat, we get in contact with Space element by chanting the syllable: “O” 111 times.

Now a blue light goes directly through our forehead to the center of our head, purifying all our senses and also the body, which is self -liberated, dissolving avarice and charity. It motivates in us the meditation with wisdom and discernment, as well as spontaneity and impecability in all our acts or actions. While the blue light shines in the center of our head we get in contact with Mind by chanting the syllable: “M” 111 times.

Finally, a violet light goes up to the crown of our head and shines radiant with great splendour, eliminating our greed and the attachment to oneself, developing the highest consciousness and giving us the incredible possibility to transcend in the path towards enlightenment, recognising the enlightened mind. While the violet light shines on the top of our head, we get in contact with Consciousness by chanting the syllable: “S” 111 times.

Now that we know that in this way we can help ourselves and the rest of the countless sentient beings, and maintaining this motivation, the seven lights shine in our body. Red light in the coxis, orange light in the sexual cavity, yellow light in the navel, green light in our chest, sky-blue light in our throat, blue light in the center of our head and finally the violet light on the top of our head. While the seven lights shine through our body we repeat the Rainbow mantra and we will remain in this state of consciousness. We shine like a rainbow light lamp and light streams in all directions, filling the space. It dissolves the suffering of beings everywhere and the world now shines with great meaning and joy. All are in a pure land, full of limitless possibilities. Everything is self-liberating. Now we emanate this light for the time we want, while it feels natural, repeating the Rainbow mantra 111 times:


When we end this meditation, the Rainbow rays of light returns and absorbs the outer world into open space. Now the World dissolves with the red light in our coxis, which dissolves with the orange light in our sexual center, which dissolves with the yellow light in the navel, which dissolves with the green light in our chest, which dissolves with the clear sky-blue light in our throat, which dissolves with the blue light in the center of our head, which finally dissolves with the violet light in the crown of our head. It shines into our bodies, which also dissolve and there is now only AWARENESS with no form, beginning, center or end.
Then like a fish jumping from the water, again the world appears. Everything vibrates with meaning, all beings are perfect in essence and our body, speech and mind are tools for benefiting others.
Finally, we wish that all the good conscious which happened here may become limitless and stream out to all beings. That it will remove their suffering and bring them to the only lasting joy, the recognition of the nature of mind.

Now we say in Tibetan:

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